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FUWA3E – Fermented biological enzyme from pineapple peel

FUWA3E is proud FUWA3E is proud to be a manufacturer of natural, safe, non-toxic chemical products to help people to do housework safely and less worry about cleaning chemicals. Applying Enzyme technology from Pineapple with abundant local pineapple raw materials, combining native essential oils to create quality products – natural cleaning – safe for health, environmentally friendly. Fuwa áp dụng công nghệ ENZYME TỪ DỨA With abundant local Pineapple raw materials, combined with native essential oils, we create quality Home Care – Car Fresh – Sweetie product lines – natural cleaning – safe for pets. Environmentally friendly and healthy.

Tại sao là FUWA3E?


Fuwa = Fruit Warrior = Chiến binh trái cây

  • Each Enzyme is likened to fruit warriors, responsible for attacking and removing bacterial stains in your home.

3E = Enzyme Ecosystem Earth

  • Fuwa3e quality products are always associated with 3E criteria; Producing Enzymes from nature – Protecting the ecosystem – Contributing to creating a green earth.

Fuwa brand

Fuwa have 3 brand: Home care (for home) – Car Fresh (for car) – Sweetie Natural product, safe, no toxic chemicals

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Meets ISO 9001

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