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FUWA Biotech is a business that successfully produces cleaning products using biological enzymes from dragon shells , creating natural, safe, chemical-free products that help people do housework safely and reduce concerns about chemicals. cleansing in life. FUWA always aims to create products of natural origin, safe for health, towards creating a green lifestyle and a healthy planet.




Fuwa = Fruit Warrior

  • Each Enzyme is likened to fruit warriors, responsible for attacking and removing bacterial stains in your home.

3E = Enzyme Ecosystem Earth

  • Fuwa3e product quality is always associated with 3E criteria: Producing enzymes from nature – Protecting the ecosystem – Contributing to creating a green earth.

Brand Fuwa3e

Fuwa Biotech have 4 brand Home Care (for home) – Baby Care (for Baby) – Car Fresh (For Car). It is a natural product, safe, without toxic chemicals

Fuwa3e – Home Care

For Home

Carfresh – Car Care

For Car

Fuwa3e – Baby Care

For Baby

Fuwa brand

Fuwa hiện có 3 Nhãn Hiệu chính là Home Care (Dành cho Nhà) – Car Fresh (Dành cho Xe) – Sweetie. Là sản phẩm thiên nhiên, an toàn, không hoá chất độc hại.

Fuwa – Home care

Dành cho nhà 

Carfresh – Car care

Dành cho Ô tô

Fuwa3e – Baby Care

Dành cho Bé Yêu

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